Ways to Eat Nutritious Fruit Peels!!!!

I wash all my fruits and veggies in 11.5 pH strong Kangen akkaline water from my Enaguc SD501, cleaning off pesticides, including from my mostly organic produce. 
I freeze banana, pineapple, cantaloupe, other peels. 
Then I put them in my protein drinks in my Vita-Mix. 
I am now able to make these drinks quite tasty. 
I use Nutiva chocolate hemp and other vegetarian protein powder. 
I dislike the taste of spiriulena, chlorella, and the like so now I use these things in pill form. 
I often toss in my homemade raw organic chia-flax-hemp crackers also. Want some help? Contact me. 
Take a peek also at VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN, Plus Enagic Kangen Water Specialties at AudryeNow.com.

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