Ukraine vs. Russia

These Putin aggressions, threats, bombings, invasions are not the signs of a “strong man” but of a bully. 
That the U.S. has refrained from responding in kind is because we have more sense, even with the GOP. 
Otherwise, WWIII, Chernobyl spouting immense radioactivity planetwide, nuclear explosions, climate devastation, starvation, and worse result. 
#45 may like this because he is a sociopathic-oriented-and-behaving narcissistic, braggadacio, selfish whatnot, who hails Putin as a “genius.” 
Putin wants his own and Russia’s aggrandisement at just about any cost, same as #45. You know that both Putin and #45 support extremist rightwing haters, usually White. 
My ego, not my Higher Self, would like to see a harsher U.S. response to Putin and Russia, that would truly hurt them without destroying the Earth and the rest of us, and I pray for peace and send healing energy to all of this. 
In terms of #45, be arrested, indicted, imprisoned. 
This is a time of reckoning for our species. 
This lowly behavior is barbaric, that of spoiled children rather than that of an evolved space-faring people. 
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Thank you.

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