ISM FREEDOM! Week 3 Day 4

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Ism Freedom!
Week 3 Day 4

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I. Week 3 Day 4:  Affirmation

I allow mySself to have and live my most miraculous life as this expresses my Soul, which I am born to do.

II. Week 3 Day 4: Breathing Attunement 

  1. The 40-Day Technique Countdown Approach in your Mind
  1. Upon awakening, count down from 10 to 1 VERY SLOWLY. Normally, this is done for the last 10 days of this Practice.
  1. You will be in Alpha.
  1. Do The Lifting Process.
  1. Do The Protective Prayer.


  1. Watch from Sexism Section in RESOURCE SECTION.  If you have Netflix, watch the movies.  Otherwise, watch the trailer, and select and watch another video on Sexism from YouTube.  Be sure to watch a challenging one.   Then write your feelings, responses, attitudes in your ISM Journal.  How are you impacted by Sexism?  What are you learning from these videos?  What are you doing about it?  Where do you get support?
  1. You may also read material, provided that you watch a minimum of FOUR videos of 30-minute minimum each week. 
  1. Go to your GLOSSARY and choose the next 10 words.  What are you learning?  What are you feeling about what you are learning?  Yes, indeed, write this in your ISM Journal.

IV. Week 3 Day 4: Wisdom Teaching

  1. “Who Is Who?” Wisdom Teaching and Process

{Excerpted and adapted with permission from RRC, Chapter 1, Who Are We?}

  1. For a moment, put aside all your previous conceptions of race, sex, gender, nationality, religion, orientation. Adopt, for this moment, the attitude that every race, sex, gender, nationality, religion, orientation and every person, is good and valuable with something worthwhile to offer.  In this moment, no one race, sex, gender, nationality, religion, orientation is better or worse than any other.  How does this feel?  Take a moment.  Write this up in your ISM Journal
  1. For a moment, include yourSself in this world. 

How do you feel?  Do you prefer feeling better, worse, more than, less than, even with, on a par with, beyond, crawling forward to, anything?  You realize you being celebrated for your talents, gifts, learnings, strong points, weaker aspects, and the like is very different from you and everyone being the same.  You are not A.I.  You are a real being.  How does this feel?  Write this up in your ISM Journal!  You may also jump about, get up and dance, sit and stew, sing out loud, write a song-poem-rap, post to TikTok, whatever beats your Heart.

  1. Breathe in peace, ease and centeredness.  Look around.  To what “races,” sexes, genders, nationalities, religions, orientations, do the people around you belong?  Are you even able to tell?  How clear-cut and/or definitive is any of this?  Remember, many subgroups exist within each major root race, sex, gender, nationality, religion, orientation, and, by this time on the planet, many have intermingled.  Yes, you know it.  Write this up in your ISM Joural.  Where do you fit into any of this?  How do you categorize yourSself?  Why?  How has this changed from when you started ISM?
  1. You and everyone else on this planet have been conditioned by your parents, caregivers, family, society, multi-media, social media, historians, religion, cultural belief systems and energetic imprints in the atmosphere, GKP, and DNA, to think of yourSself and others in very specific ways.  Can you laugh at any of this?  Are you groaning, moaning, bemoaning?  What are you adding to this mix?  How has any of this improved because you exist?  Write it up!  Of course, be exquisitely honest with yourSself.  For sure, also throw in a dollop or two of kindness, along with authenticity. 
  1. If you get your feeling of Sself-importance because of the tint of your complexion, the color of your eyes, the texture of your hair, the shape of your body, and all this examination are having you look deeper, with both your mind, heart, soul, eyes, what is coming up for you?
  1. If all “races” were given equal footing and cache or importance, how would you describe yourSself?  Look in the mirror without a pre-designated language or idea, and, like an artist, describe the color of the skin on your face, the back of your hand, your palm, the bottoms of your feet.  Play with this!!!!!
  1. The social order, wise or ignorant, has a huge impact.  Great consciousness and courage can he required to go beyond social and familial conditioning.  Then again, it’s simply another step in your ongoing evolution. However, if you avoid going beyond, then both negative as well as positive patterns can get passed down from generation to generation until these patterns become codified into every aspect of your life.  This is what you are living with now.  Often, you are unaware of these patterns and their effect, even if you understood what was happening while it was happening.  Look at some of the “woke” language.  
  1. For fun or seriousness, write in your ISM Journal, and answer:  Are you cisgender?  Transgender?  Have you had any surgery of any kind to shift your looks?  Botox?  Nose job?  Breast reduction (me!)?  Hair coloring (me!)?  Straightening?  Permanent?  Extensions?  Eyebrow braiding?  Penis extension?  Vag reconstruction?  Butt enhancement?  Butt reduction?  Breast enhancement?  
  1. Who raised you?  Do you have one parent, two, more?  Are they heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, binary, trans, pre-op, post-op, which aspect?  
  1. Have you tweaked yourSself to fit into the groups you admire in school, work, social circle, what?  What about the clothes you wear?  The food you eat?  Do you drink alcohol because people you know do this?  What about weed?  Other stuff?  You may be ahead of the crowd. 
  1. Being Free of the Causes and Effects of ISMs is very different from everyone being as enlightened as everyone else.  Follow your own Guidance Star, not your ego games, to your own unfoldment.  
  1. Note #34 by Audrye:  I have been a vegetarian, starting ovo-lacto, since 1973, mostly raw vegan since 2007.  I have been drinking Kangen Water ( since 2011.  

     How easy do you think it is for me to go to most events?  Do you think they have what I love to eat?  No!  Most do not!  I either have to bring my own food – so classy! – make prior arrangements if at all possible with the host/hostess, or eat whatever vegetarian stuff is offered.  

     I love food!  I am born under the Sun Sign Cancer or Moon Goddess, and I definitely like to eat.  Thing is, I love to eat what I love to eat, not just any whatever.  Soooo, I am either blessed to have had special food ordered for me, or, yes, you know it, I bring my own.  Kangen Water, too.  

     Otherwise, to “fit in,” I have found mySself eating whatnot that I don’t like, my body frowns at, never mind the kind of face I inadvertently make.  At home, I make chocolatey beverages with raw organic cacao nibs, organic dates, organic almond extract, Kangen Water 9.5 pH alkaline ionized restructured, and other good stuff.  

     You don’t have to eat as I do.  If you eat stuff I find unhealthy, nonvegan, or, at the least, nonvegetarian — with the rare exception of excellently made mac-n-cheese or my daughter’s or niece’s apple pie – I generally bring my own food.  At a certain business breakfast, most everyone knew who I was from the food I ate (and didn’t eat) and my carrying around my blue glass Kangen Water bottle.  LOL!  It’s one way to be noticed.  

  1. Write in your ISM Journal:
  1. How do you feel
  1. What changed, shifted, MORPHed in you?
  1. How would your life be if you were always at this frequency?
  1. What can you do to create this now in your life?
  1. What are you willing to choose to do to live this?
  1. Are you willing to choose this now?  
  1. Are you willing to commit to this?
  1. Are you committing to this?
  1. What, if anything, is stopping you?
  1. 10.What is your Promise to YourSself and to SOURCE aboutthis? 
  1. Say this Promise to yourSself, then say it aloud
  1. Say this Promise to SOURCE, first in your heart and mind, then aloud.
  1. Write this Promise in your ISM Journal, plus in something you carry around with you constantly.   
  1. Look at your Promise daily, hourly, constantly.  Smile!
  1. Allow this Promise and Resolve to Guide You with Love and Freedom.  
  1. Know that you can shift, amend, change your Promise, if your Sself chooses to.  Do so with truth, honor and integrity.  You have your entire life for this journey. Let go of pressure, “have-to’s” and the like.
  1. 11.Enjoy this Journey!  Laugh!  Celebrate!

V.  Week 3 Day 4: Root Causes of Sexism

  1. How many Presidents of the U.S. up to and including 2020 have been women?
  1. Why is that?  What are your thoughts, feelings, intuitions, ideas about this?
  1. Have you ever campaigned for a woman?  If yes, who?  Whatkind of reception did you get?  From whom?  Did she get the nomination?  Did she get the vote?  Did she win the election?  What happened?  Why do you feel this happened?  Do you remember Rep. Shirley ChisholmSecretary of State Hillary Clinton?  How much sabotage was thrown at these women?  Were they gaslighted?  Do some research, if you like.
  1. Would you vote for a well-qualified woman?  Have you ever?  What happened?  Did this woman win her election?  Why?  Why not?  What can be done differently?
  1. Would you vote for a well-qualified White, Black, Biracial, Multi-racial, Asian-background, Native, Indian woman?  Why?  Why not?  Who do you prefer to vote for?  BE REAL here.  You are the only one who reads your answers.  No one else peeks.  Get to know yourSself. 
  1. Would you vote for a well-qualified transwoman?  Why?  Why not?  What would impel you to do so?  What would stop you?  Does it matter to you if this transwoman is White, Black, Black-Brown-Beige, Asian, Native, Indian, any combination of all this?  
  1. What about for a transgender man?  Does it matter if this person is pre or post-reassignment surgery?  Does it matter to you if the surgery is top, bottom, both, neither?
  1. What about nonbinary people?  There are people born with both genitals. Sometimes the parents decides while the baby is a baby to have genital surgery.  What do you think and feel about this?  There is much to ponder.  How does the “social order” and/or fear, affect your thinking, mulling? 
  1. How do you feel about women in the clergy?  Why do you feel as you do?
  1. What about any of these clerics in various religions or religious paths? Rabbi?  Imam?  Mullah?  Priest?  Minister?  Cantor?  Priestess?  Lama?  Guru?  Mahant?  Sadhu?  Druidess?  Witch?  Mobed?  Mobad?  Divine Messenger?  Babalawo?  Araba?  Sages of Rites?  
  1. Are you comfortable or do you care whether these “roles” are filled by men or women?  Cisgender men or cisgender women?  Transgender men?  Transgender women?  Heterosexual cisgender or transgender women?  Heterosexual cisgender or transgender men?  Homosexual cisgender or transgender women?  Homosexual cisgender or transgender men?  Polyamorous cisgender or transgender women or men?
  1. Where are you emotionally and psychologically with any of these honored roles or positions being filled with White, Black, Black-Brown-Beige, Asian, Native, Biracial, Mixed-Race people?  What if these people are gay?  Heterosexual?  Pansexual?  Polyamorous?  Monogamous?  
  1. This is your opportunity to truly deep dive into yourSself to learn what’s in there!  This is YOU!  Chances are you will discover something you would like to shift!  This is great!  
  1. Follow any of the Processes, Techniques you are learning here to do so.
  1. If you have taken MORPH, use those also.  If you would like to take MORPH, register here: to get your ISM Special Fee for MORPH.
  1. This may trigger you.  What race or mixture of races is Kamala Harris?
  1. Can a person be Black as well as Indian?  Then what is that person called?  
  1. What if someone is Black as well as White?  What do you really call this person?  What may be a more true language?
  1. To me, this is biracial or mixed race.  What about you?  Be REAL! 
  1. Is your opinion political, conditioned, or the current popular version of “race”?  
  1. Where do your opinion, thoughts, attitudes, originate?  Is this how you feel the world evolves going forward?
  1. READ!!!!  At one point in time, if a person in the U.S. had “one drop of Black blood,” that person was considered Black.  This was meant to keep that person from the White race by people, usually White, who were racist.  We are in another time, and we are moving forward.  Look at how many mixtures we are!!!!! In other societies in other countries, if a person has “one drop of White blood,” that person is considered White.  What do you think of this?Be min
  1. Do you define yourSself as cisgender, transgender, woman, transwoman, binary, sexually fluid, pangender, anything else?  Can I keep up with all the “woke” language?  Likely not, as this keeps changing.  Be mindful that the true “wokeness” is being loving, allowing of individuality, authentic, willing to learn, perceptive about what’s happening internally for yourSself and others, compassionate, honest, kind, real. 
  1. If you miss the forest for the trees because you are so busy ”categorizing” yourSself and/or others, you may miss the humanity – hu-wo-manity – in all this.  Then you and all of us can get reduced to A.I or robots, the Borg.  Not a good idea.
  1. Enjoy MORPHing, wokeness, evolving, and have a great sense of humor, as well as an awakened sense of the miracle of your own evolution.
  1. Be aware that in the Age of Aquarius, which we are stepping into, gender differentiation and definition between females and males can be quite different than they were in the Ages of Aries and Pisces.  This is the Age of the Androgyny. Look how it is manifesting!  
  1. Just to shake you up a bit, we will be seeing at some point beings who are hybrids, meaning both human and from other star systems, times, planets.  I know people who have met a few.
  1. Now that archeologists are discovering more about Neanderthals, Denisovans, Homo ergaster, Homo naledi, and others, will people start checking DNA to see who has what and how much?  Will this be another way to differentiate, make higher, lower, better, worse, first, second, last, improved, experiment, what?  I ask this mostly in humor, yet also as a query, so you can again peer inside yourSself and note your reaction.  Interesting, yes?

VI. Week 3 Day 4: Home Practice 

   A. DNA Reprogramming Meditation:

{Excerpted and allowed from RRC, Seminar 3, Taking Clarity Into Our Lives: Who Can You and We Be Now?, DNA Writedown DNA Reprogramming Meditation}

     THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL WONDERFUL PROCESS.  Enjoy it!!!!  You can do this many times.

  1. Scent a clean attractive area where you can relax with fragrant essential oils, incense, any aromatherapy that you like and that aids in transporting you and your consciousness to higher realms. 
  1. Light a candle that is protected from drafts. Turn off bright lights.
  1. Play binaural beats that uplift your frequency, or other music that does this.  This is different from dance music when you get on the floor and show all your moves.  This is centering music.  Have it be accompanied with a beautiful visual, either moving or still.  I like African Kora meditation music, Native flute, other. 
  1. Wear comfortable loose natural-fabric clothing. Remove your shoes and any heavy jewelry.  
  1. Sit or lie down comfortably with your head and back supported.
  1. Do The Protective Prayer.
  1. Do The Lifting Process.  Especially fill yourSself with White and Golden Light.  Put Silver and Gold Light at the outer edge of your energy body, your Merkabah.  Ask SOURCE that only that which is beneficial to you be allowed to enter you.  All else is to go to wherever is its correct place.  Know you are Divinely protected. 
  1. Ask SOURCE to bring you to different current, past, parallel, future life experiences your Soul has known.  This is your Soul genetic line, different from your biological line.
  1. Ask also that SOURCE bring you to different current, past, parallel future life experiences from your biological genetic line from your Earth mother and father as well as the genetic line of whomever took care of you.  
  1. 10.Allow yourSself to perceive, know, grok, intuit, sense, smell, feel, vision, hear, however you “get” it, one experience at a time. 
  1. 11.Ask yourSself:  
  1. What am I learning here?  
  1. What is the Wisdom Teaching for my Soul, my Consciousness?  
  1. Learn this Teaching
  1. What have I taken on as Genetic Karmic Patterning (GKP) here that I can now release, shift, MORPH from?  
  1. Open to knowing, feeling, sensing, intuiting, grokking, vibing, what these are.  LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT YOUR WISDOM TEACHINGS.  You can continue the learning ongoingly.
  1. Release to SOURCE via the Realm of Healing and Light with LOVE AND PEACE all the hurts, pains, arrogance, limiting GKP.  
  1. Use your intention, will, Soul and breath to do this.  
  1. Keep all the wisdom, uniqueness, talents, brilliance, gifts, and GKP.    
  1. Open your DNA to receive all this Wisdom, Uniqueness, Talents, Brilliance, Gifts, Love, Peace, Connection to SOURCE.  Breathe this in!
  1. Leave yourSself with LOVE AND PEACE, WONDER, POSSIBILITY. 
  1. Who are you now?  Write this in your ISM Journal!  Include:

aa. What did you experience?

  1. What did you learn?
  1. What did you release?
  1. What talents, gifts did you discover about yourSself?
  1. What do you now know about yourSself that is new?
  1. What do you now know about others?
  1. What ISMs are you now free of and/or in the process of getting free of?
  1. What effects of any ISMs are you now free of?
  1. What else are you now free of?
  1. What life do you now choose to live?
  1. What do you desire in your life?
  1. What are you now doing, planning, mulling to create?
  1. How shall you do this?  Allow your intuition free and full rein!

VII.  Week 3 Day 4: Sself Inquiry:

  1. Healing and Renewal Cycles: Exploration and Discovery

{Excerpted and adapted with permission from RRC, Chapter 7, Action Steps for You. Me. Us.}

  1. Do these Healing and Renewal Cycle Practice privately.
  1. Write in your ISM Journal. Answer fully.  
  1. This is for YOU!  Ask these questions of yourSself.  You can always add more.
  2. Co-creating my reality.  
  1. What behavior is acceptable to me?  What food?  What ecological practices?  What kind of work?  What language?  What wealth distribution?  What traditions?  What practices?  What kind of ISMs?  What politics?  What belief systems?  What else?
  1. What’s unacceptable to me?  
  1. What are my preferences?  
  1. What are anyone else’s preferences?  
  1. How do I create harmony within mySself right now with this?  What do I do about frustration, anger, rage, upset, sadness, regret?
  1. How do I live on Earth and create harmony within mySself right now with this?  
  1. What about my creating harmony on the planet?
  1. How am I feeling about climate change?  What am I doing with any of my feelings, including fear, denial, angry, blame, guilt, overwhelm?
  1. Am I using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper or the closest I can get for toilet paper?  Paper napkins?  Do I uses  cloth napkins?  Paper towels?  Do I use cloth?  Sponges?  Other products?  Newspaper?  Do I use digital?  Magazines?  Books?  If I am an author, how do I publish my books?  Why?  (Check out, under Author to see what I do.  Be sure to get your FREE SAMPLERs of my so-far four books.  More coming.)

   According to, deforestation accounts for 25 percent of human/hu-wo-man-caused CO2 emissions.  Virgin paper accounts for nearly 40 percent of the waste stream.  This was before 2021.  It has gotten worse.  Now it has to get better.  

    Approximately 30 million trees, prior to 2021, are used to make books sold in the U.S., which is 1,153 times the number of trees in New York City’s Central Park.  Many of these trees demolished are sourced from endangered forests with devastating impacts on the people and wildlife that rely on them.  How are the figures now?  Unless books are being produced environmentally, the figures are worse. Sustainable forests are different from, less good, than natural forests. 

  1. New communities.  
  1. What new communities may and can I create from the ever-present now even as I transition through changing times and how I am being? 
  1. How about for the world?  
  1. Who else is creating new communities?  Do I align with them?  Have I participated with them?  How may I do so?
  1. How may I experiment?  In my thoughts?  Behavior? Exercise? Nutrition?  Have I become plant-based with my food for one or more days a week consistently?  What am I doing in my own life?
  1. How may I experiment with other people?  What kinds of people do I choose?  Where do I find them?  We now have Zoom, social media, TikTok, much more.  We are global!!!!!!!
  1. Who am I now?  How am I using my talents and gifts to add to this?  What am I holding back?  Why?  What?  
  1. What about others?  What are some of the extraordinary things other people are doing?  How may I learn from them?  Teach them?  Participate with them?  Encourage them?  Stop them?
  1. What do I feel and think about going to Mars?  Billboards in space?  Mining Ganymede?  Who owns what? A.I.?  CRISPR?  Global warming?  Wildfires?  Volcanoes?  Viruses from thousands ago?  Covid?  Vaccines?  Contraception?  Pregnancy termination?  Women’s rights?  Women’s responsibilities?  Goddess energy?      Extinction of various species?  Other stuff?
  1. These questions are jumping-off points for you.  Do them!  As you progress through this ISM Course, return to this exercise and answer the questions again.
  1. You shall discover you are MORPHing.  Where you may be temporarily stuck will also become evident.  This seeming stuckness simply indicates the next piece/peace of your Sself to transform.  Do it all with love.  Congratulate yourSself!!!!
  1. Celebrate yourSself!!!!!  You deserve it!!!!!

VIII.  Week 3 Day 4: Out in the World:

  1. What kind of sexual experimentation have you participated in?  What age were you?  How did it feel?  How did you feel?  What did you learn?  About yourSself, others, anything?  Did you do this with your free will?  Were you coerced?  Forced?  What have you done, if anything, about this?  
  1. What kind of religious upbringing did you have?  Was thereany kind of religionpracticed or taught in your home? Did you like, dislike, love, hate it?  Why?  Who taught and/or practiced this?
  1. Did you have any kind of spiritual conditioning?  What?  What,if anything, did you learn or practice?  
  1. What do you do now in your life regarding religious orspiritual practice?  Why?  Why not?
  1. Do you teach religious or spiritual practices to your child or children?  Do you believe in what you are teaching?  Are you teaching this because you were taught and/or conditioned to believe any of this?  What is your actual belief?
  1. Are you having sex at this time in your life?  With whom?  What do you dowith or without a partner?  Are you allowing yourSself sexual pleasure?  Why?  Why not?  
  1. Do you identify as straight bi, neither, fluid, cisgender, transgender, intersecting, other ways?
  1. What does sex mean to you?  Is it exercise?  Love?  Friendship?  Spiritual?  All?  None?  
  1. Do you enjoy sex?  With others?  How many?  YourSself?  Do you orgasm?
  1. What sexual practices do you consider allowable?  What not?  With whom?  What about yourSself?

IX. Week 3 Day 4: Gratitudes and Appreciation

  1. What do you love about someone in your life?  A real person or anyone you have read about, seen in the movies, media, anywhere. Why do you love this?  How can you implement your version of this?  Do so now in this very moment.  Say THANK YOU to this person or persons!
  1. See how creative and manifesting you are!  Give thanks for this this very second!  Say THANK YOU to yourSself!  Smile!  Inside and out.  Literally smile with your mouth.  This changes your frequency and makes everything more possible.  Smile also with your heart!  Your Soul Essence!
  1. What do others treasure about you?  Love this!  Love them!  Say THANK YOU to these people!  You can do so silently or communicate with them.  Feel this!  Appreciate your unique gifts.  They bring joy to others.  They do to you, too.  Allow this.  Revel in the miracle of you.

X.  Week 3 Day 4: Blissings

  1. Fill yourSself with BLISS!  Feel yourSself to be all that you have desired, imagined, worked toward, MORPHed into.  Now, know there is always more.  How amazing is this!!!!  Open to the Majesty of Unlimited Possibilities!  Look at how you glow!!!!  As soon as you think you have attained it all, voila! More options become available.  Rather than be bored, you are able to MORPH continually, stop, rest, enjoy, grok, bliss out.  Then, as you choose, continue.  Thank  you!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.