Audrye on Persecution

The story I remember from my parents is that my grandparents came to the U.S., Brooklyn and Manhattan, from either Latvia, Poland or Russia when Russia took over Poland at the start of the 20th Century, the beginning of the.1900s where Jews were being persecuted.
 Both my mom and dad were born in 1916 as first-generation Americans. Their parents were fleeing the conscription of Jews in, I think, the Russian ( or other?) army. The Jews there were poorly treated. 
My mom was born in Brooklyn, my dad in Manhattan. My mom said we were Litvak Jews, Ashkenazi. 
What is happening in Ukraine almost feels like family history and herstory.
However we stop Putin and those who emulate him and call him genius have to be stopped. 
To me, they are all Nazis, the worst thing I can call anyone. We have way too many Nazis in the U.S , whether they call themSselves neo-Nazis, extreme rightist, White nationals, or other words. Extremely dangerous. 
Another reason. For my Course, ISM FREEDOM! Be Free of the Causes and Effects of Racism, Sexism, Other ISMs Check it out! Thank you.

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